Step 1. Load your browser

Step 2: Load your website:

Step 3: Enter /haido630 after like so, hit Enter key

Step 4: Under the website Dashboard, select Posts then All Posts

Step 5: Mouse over Today’s Special to see Edit appear, click on Edit

Step 6: The Today’s Special post will appear then you can update the Today’s Special. Then click the button Update on the Upper Right Hand to save the post.

Step 7: To view Today’s Special, click Dashboard and mouse over the site to select View Site

Step 8: Now the site is in live view, click Today’s Special menu link to see the update “Today’s Special”. If everything is OK then you can logout

Step 9: To print the Today’s Special page, select the entire page by using the mouse to highlight all the texts, then right click on the mouse to select Print. That’s it.